Tire Repair in Pittsburgh, PA


New, High-Quality Tires in Pittsburgh, PA

Your tires are your connection to the road, and when your tires are performing poorly, it can put you in danger. It's important to check your tires regularly for wear or possible damage. After all, these thick strips of rubber attached to a metal rim are what elevate your car off the ground and keep you moving forward. If your tires are looking worn and it’s time for a new set, be sure to get a set of high-quality tires from Dean Honda in Pittsburgh, PA.

Best Practices and Signs You Need New Tires

  • Be sure to occasionally check for cracks in the tire
  • Measure the tire thread to see if they are worn down to less than a 1/16th of an inch
  • Look for the “thread wear bars” in between the treads of your tire. If they are level with the regular threads of your tire, then it’s time to start shopping for new ones
  • If you feel unusual vibrations in the steering wheel under normal driving conditions, it is time for new tires
  • Replace your tires after 10 years

Benefits of New Tires

  • You can accelerate at a faster pace
  • You can put more power behind your vehicle overall
  • You can take turns at higher speeds and with more control
  • You can stop in a shorter amount of time
  • And more!

Get New, High-Grade Tires near Baldwin, PA

Whether you are in the market for a single new tire or a whole set, we have your back at Dean Honda in Pittsburgh, PA!  We offer competitive pricing on new high-quality tires, and our friendly, professional mechanics can put them on for you in our service center. When you are in need of new tires, check out our convenient location in Pittsburgh, PA. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call (412) 275-4066 today!

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