Oil Change in Pittsburgh, PA

Oil Change in Pittsburgh, PA

Importance of Getting Your Oil Changed

Oil is the lifeblood of your engine. It’s what keeps your engine clean and functioning correctly. How does oil do this? First, it prevents dirt and grime from building up in your engine and filters it out so that your engine does not get clogged up. Second, oil helps to keep components in your engine well lubricated and working in unison. Last, but definitely not least, engine oil is used to dissipate some of the heat from inside your engine. If left unchecked with no or poor-quality oil, your engine has the high possibility to completely lock-up. When this happens it can be extremely hard to even get your engine back into working order, which often leads to you having to buy a new engine. Ouch! So when your oil light comes on, don’t just ignore it. Check how much oil you have and bring your car into an authorized shop, like Dean Honda, to get your oil changed.

How Often Does Oil Need to be Changed

By historic standards, your oil needs to be changed every 3,000 miles for proper treatment. Over the years, this wisdom has fallen into disfavor due to the advancements in synthetic oil technology and advancements in engine manufacturing. The new standard for oil changes depends upon how much you drive on a daily basis and the vehicle you drive. Consult your owner's manual or ask a service professional for you specific model suggestions. If you tend to have shorter drives around the South Hills of Pittsburgh, then you may have to change your oil more often, because you are causing more work for your engine. For everyone who drives long distances into Pittsburgh on a daily commute, you may be able to extend your time between oil changes. As always, if your check oil light comes on or you notice an increase in your temperature gauge, you should check your oil levels or visit a service center.

Get Your Oil Change at Dean Honda near Baldwin

When your oil light comes on, put your vehicle in the hands of one of our friendly, trained mechanics at our service center. At Dean Honda, we provide professional service at competitive prices! Make sure you check out our service specials to see how you can save more! We are conveniently located in Pittsburgh, PA for everyone in the Baldwin, Bethel Park, South Park, Belle Vernon, and Mount Lebanon areas. Give us a call at (412) 837-8575 with any questions!