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Are you looking for a position in the automotive industry? Dean Honda has positions open for well-qualified professionals in the sale and the auto mechanic fields. We are always looking for fresh talent and experienced individuals to enhance our team. If you are looking to work with amazing vehicles and in a friendly, positive work environment, then Dean Honda could be your next place of employment! Take a look and submit an employment application below to start the process today!

Our team is dedicated to the customer and making the car buying and servicing experience as satisfying as possible. That’s why we are looking for people who are friendly and upbeat with our customers and who can simplify the process for them with little technical jargon. We desire to hear from individuals who firmly believe that this line of work fits their desired job title and are interested in joining our spectacular team! Let us know all of the skills and experience that you can bring to the table so that we can hire you as our next stellar employee. We are looking at applicants in the Pittsburgh, South Park, Belle Vernon, Mount Lebanon and surrounding areas. If you have the talent, the drive, and the desire to succeed in an ever-changing industry like the automotive industry, we want to hear from you! Submit your application today!

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Before you come in, there are a few pieces of information that could help you determine if a career with us is the right move for you. Take a look at our location in Pittsburgh, PA to see where you could be working, our selection of new Hondas and pre-owned vehicles to see what vehicles you might be working with, and our excellent team that we have on staff. It would also be helpful to review our about us page to see what our dealership stands for. We cannot wait to get to know you!

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List your past and/or current employment over the past 10 years.

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This question does not apply to convictions which have been expunged, sealed, pardoned, or otherwise exonerated or eradicated. A conviction record will not necessarily be a bar to employment. A conviction which is substantially related to the functions or qualifications of the position(s) for which you are applying may be taken into consideration.

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Please indicate the areas in which you have had employment and/or educational experience.
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Please list 3 references. At least 2 references must be work related. Do not include relatives.


I hereby certify that the facts set forth in this employment application are true and complete to the best of my knowledge. I understand that falsification of any of the facts contained in this application shall be considered grounds for immediate dismissal. Further, I hereby give DEAN HONDA permission to investigate and verify the information on the application.

It is essential you understand if you are offered employment and/or begin employment before any or all of your applicant consumer reports are received, your employment will be conditioned upon the receipt and results of these reports. These reports may include a Motor Vehicle Report, Drug Screen, Credit History and/or Criminal Background Check. As such, if after post-offer or post-start, one or more of the referenced applicant consumer reports reveal you are unsuitable for employment at our organization for the position for which you have applied, your employment could be terminated. As always, any such action will be done in accordance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Additionally, I acknowledge that a valid driver's license is a condition of employment should my position require the operation, inspection and/or the service of motor vehicles. I acknowledge that my employment could be terminated or the offer of work rescinded if it is discovered that I do not possess a valid driver's license.

Further, I acknowledge that I may be subject to a motor vehicle report (MVR), criminal record check, and credit report as part of the pre-employment process, and while I am employed at DEAN HONDA, should I be offered employment. If a review of my MVR reveals an unsatisfactory or high risk driving record I could be terminated or an offer of work rescinded. Furthermore, I acknowledge that my employer may take a negative employment action, up to and including dismissal, if my criminal record reveals a history which makes me unsuitable for continued employment. This will be done in conformity with the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Finally, any prospective employee may be required to submit to drug a screen test. A positive result to this test may result in the rescinding of an offer of employment, or termination after employment. DEAN HONDA may also engage in random drug testing, testing based on probable cause, and testing in the event of a workplace injury or accident.

“DEAN HONDA” is deeply committed to providing a safe environment for all employees and customers. Therefore, we have made a commitment to engage in drug testing for all new hires. Accordingly, if you are offered employment at “DEAN HONDA” you will be required to report for and participate in our new hire drug screen program. Drug testing may occur on either a random or probable cause basis. Where reasonable suspicion exists that the employee is under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol, or the employee is “involved” in an on-the-job accident, or violation of a safety rule or exhibiting behavior indicating such, the employer reserves the right to test employees for the presence of drugs and/or alcohol. “Involved” in an on-the-job accident or injury means not only the one who was injured, but also anyone who arguably or potentially contributed to the accident or injury event in any way, i.e., the person suspected of causing someone else to get hurt gets tested as well. This drug screening will occur at an approved site recognized in the state of Pennsylvania. You may be permitted to commence work prior to the receipt of the results. If the results of your drug screen shows the possession of illegal substance, your employment may be, (1) terminated or (2) the offer of employment may be rescinded. If you are taking prescription medication that would be revealed in this drug screen, you are be required to disclose the reason(s) for the taking of this medication. The results of your drug screen will be shared only with individuals who have a legitimate right to now. We are committed to your privacy and you will be afforded a copy of the results.

The “DEAN HONDA” is committed to keeping all employees and citizens safe. This includes risk of harm from lawfully prescribed medication. Employer reserves the right to request documentation from the prescribing healthcare provider to confirm that the respective employee is safe to perform their respective duties given the specific medications prescribed. As such, the employer reserves the right to request and receive information on the specific medications, including dosage and frequency taken by the respective employee. It is essential that all employees recognize the employer’s dedication to privacy. However, if as a result of any medication a respective employee is taking there is a risk to the safety and/or wellness of an employee, a co-worker, a consumer or a member of the public, we believe it is our duty to confirm the employee is safe to perform their essential job functions.

If your position is considered safety-sensitive, you may be required to provide a healthcare provider statement from your prescribing physician indicating your ability to perform your job safely given your medication activity.

All employees are advised that any information obtained or received regarding the employee’s health record, including but not limited to medications, will be held in the strictest of confidence and shared only with individuals who have a legitimate need to know.

Post-offer, employees may be required to take a physical examination.

I acknowledge that this application does not constitute an offer of work. If I am offered employment by DEAN HONDA, I acknowledge that DEAN HONDA is an at will employer. Accordingly, both the employee and the employer are free to terminate the employment relationship without cause or notice. There does not exist any contract or guarantee of employment.

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